What Our Clients Say

“Jesse was very helpful in suggesting strategies and positions to cope with the contractions. Her massage was very soothing. Also, it was nice that she showed my husband how he could help me through the pain. Jesse made me feel strong and confident through her support.”

– - Joli M.

“Thank you for being such a huge support and beacon of light for us during our first pregnancy. We love you dearly!”

– --Marisa 

“Thank you so much for being a part of this journey for helping me find my voice for this birth, making me feel supported, and for caring for me physically, spiritually and emotionally. My whole family felt supported and cared for and thanks you too!”

– -- Sarah and Family

“I knew that if I was going to go natural I needed all the help I could get. We knew at once that Kate would be perfect for us. She was very informative during our preinterview and I was always able to get ahold of her if I had any questions. She also provided me with tools and information to prepare me for the delivery. Kate was such a blessing for our family. “

– - Danielle V.

“Kate was like a relaxing breath of fresh air when she arrived and continued to be a huge source of support throughout our natural labor and delivery.

Her presence also allowed my husband to take breaks, eat as needed, and feel reassured throughout the process. Overall, Kate was an incredibly valuable, confident, and calm presence. She kept us feeling good about our ability to have the natural birth we wanted and we could not have done it without her.”

– - Annie N.

“Mary, we are so excited to have you help us navigate our new reality of motherhood and parenting.”

– -S.H.

“Melissa is a rockstar doula with a wealth of knowledge, objective advice – offered only when asked, communicates with compassion and humor and steps ahead on her journey as a doula – winning favor with new and experienced staff and moms all around.”

– -Shirley

“I’m so grateful for your help and support, for always sharing the worst case and keeping me grounded, for being my inner voice when mine was somewhere else, for helping (my partner) feel and be involved and comfortable by my side, and for helping me feel in charge and safe at the hospital.”

– -Anne

“Wendy gave me the… strength and knowledge to trust my body, to relax and to focus on what I needed. She has been a huge support and has become a wonderful friend as well. I’m so happy to have had her a part of such an important part of my life….the birth of my healthy baby boy Carter. Thank you Wendy.”

– -- Meaghan S. (Mother)

“I love Wendy’s doula services! She’s a walking encyclopedia of information and supportive of your birth choices! I couldn’t have done my 42 hour labor process without her!!”

– - Laura M. (Mother)

“Trish is AMAZING!  She is like the best grandma in the world except that she’s actually really good with kids, doesn’t let him watch TV or feed him candy, and helps out around the house.  Why do I not have a mother that can do this?  Thank God I live in a world where Trish exists.  She’s been at our house for less than 3 hours and B is having a great time, I’m getting time to do stuff I’ve needed to do for a week, and my husband got to play Call of Duty.  You guys are awesome.”

– - J. Kilber

“Hiring a doula was my wife’s idea. I was initially resistant to it mainly because I was ignorant as to the profession and the benefits. After our first meeting, I was completely sold. Nowadays, I simply cannot understand why expectant parents would NOT want a doula on their side. You were calm, prepared, and compassionate throughout the process: before, during, and after birth. We could have done it without your help, but I would never want to test that assumption. We’re grateful for you both as a seasoned professional and as a caring individual. We’ve recommended you as a doula a couple of times already, and strongly recommend that our expectant friends educate themselves about the benefits doulas provide and take full advantage of it. There are a lot of important decisions parents have to make, and having a doula on their side is simply a no-brainer. Thanks again, Trish, for your skillful shepherding and education.”

– - James Boyd

“Trish has been an amazing nighttime post-partum doula for us and our twins. Our babies are happier and healthier because of the tips and lessons she shared with us (plus we all got more sleep!). Trish was a great resource for challenging nursing issues and encouraged us to follow our instincts giving us confidence in our abilities. Hiring Trish was one of the best decisions we have made.”

– --Nancy Miller

“My husband and I were so blessed to have Stacey as an important part of Kevin’s birth. Stacey’s competence in the field, combined with her love, tenderness and ability to encourage make her an outstanding doula. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a doula.”

– -Laurie, mother of 3

“Stacey impressed me tremendously with her ability to be in the moment and respond to my changing needs. She was calm, collected, compassionate and most importantly, there for me. I gave birth with a midwifery services and they made a point of sharing how pleased and impressed they were with Stacey.”

– -- Elizabeth, first time mama at age 40

“Raeben handled all the physical aspects of support, while my husband could focus on coaching me. She is a beautiful, caring woman, whose support was invaluable! She is such a gifted doula!”

– --Jaylene, mom of 3

“It was an honor and a privelege to work with Raeben. Her inner and outer strength and innate knowledge of the birthing process make her invaluable in the labor support. She has an old wisdom. I don’t think this is her first time on the earth, being with birthing women!”

– --Kathleen Hersch-midwife

“Christine is loving, attentive, prepared, and more than happy to go the extra mile or more for any family she births with.. Her serene presence and heart-felt endurance are exactly what was necessary during this time of great transition in my family.”

– - Elisa Mattice

“Having Christine at our birth was very comforting. It was so nice to have someone there who was knowledgeable about comfort measures. She helped my husband to participate confidently and took over for him occasionally so he could have a break. She was another level of support that was greatly appreciated before, during and after the birth.”

– - Mother of a two-month-old

“Carissa is absolutely amazing!! We couldn’t have it done without her–she is the best! I will be recommending her services to everyone I know.”

– -- Tiffany, new mom