The Birth Monologues 2016


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WHO: Any person who has experienced the drama of birth: mamas, partners, surrogates, midwives, doctors, nurses, and anyone else who is willing to share a unique perspective on a birth they’ve witnessed or experienced in the Pacific Northwest.

WHEN: Performance: May 20th, 2016

WHERE: Location: Clinton Street Theater (21st & SE Clinton Street, Portland OR)

SUBMISSIONS: Fill out the form below or you may also submit by email to: (subject:  Birth Monologues). Your submission gives us permission to use, edit for timing and assign actors for our show.


To celebrate International Doula Month, Mother Tree Doula Services is asking for your birth story. This will be the second annual performance of The Birth Monologues: Everyone Has a Birth Story, and we are seeking fresh, local perspectives! We  are especially interested in representing diverse voices. Anything goes!


  • We want to hear about the birth from your perspective, in your unique voice! Was it at home? In water? In a car? A cesarean birth? Twins? Don’t forget to let us know who you are, what brought you to this particular birth, or any other important background pieces necessary to tell the story.
  • How did you cope through labor? What worked for you?
  • We want to know the moment when you realized, “I just gave birth to a real-life human being!”
  • Who was at your birth?
  • What were the twists and turns, the unexpected events (positive or negative)?
  • What challenge(s) did you face?
  • What did you feel as you crossed that threshold? Heroic? Scarred? Transformed? Empowered? Traumatized?
  •  What was the lasting impression this birth had on you?
Please submit your story.  The only thing that we, as doulas, can promise our clients is that no birth is “normal” or “boring.” Help us honor the strength and power of birth by sharing your experience.  We will treasure it.  Thank you!
The Birth Monologues is an annual event conceived and produced by Mother Tree International Founder Jesse Remer. Proceeds from the event are used to support and further the doula profession.

The Birth Monologues:Everyone has a birth story

  • First and Last Name
  • Please give a title for your birth story
    Please choose one that best describes your role in the story.
  • In 1-2 sentences describe your birth story arch. Include type of story if not listed above.
  • -word count: 1500-2000 words, double spaced -your original, non-published work -true stories only, please (prose, verse, magical realism--your story, your style)