Childbirth Classes

Childbirth Classes

Classes For The Childbearing Year

Becoming a parent is an immense exercise in applied knowledge. In life, this is one of the opportunities where experts sit on either end of the spectrum for every subject…from birthing to baby care. How do you figure out what information, tools or advice is right for you and your family? How do you process this information so that it is customized to your unique needs as a birthing mother and parent?

We recognize that you are a unique woman, giving birth with your own unique experiences, preference and coping style. Let Mother Tree help you discover your own inner Mother Nature by providing you with a variety of personalized classes that can assist you in almost every aspect of the childbearing year. Sharing accurate, knowledgeable and evidence-based information in small class settings our instructors are all active birth professionals, offering unique real-world practical experiences that come from years of hands-on birthing support as doulas and midwives.

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* Prepare * Inspire * Relax * Learn * Discover * Support

Many expectant parents ask us this question wondering what they’d learn that’s different from the information they can find on the internet or from their circle of friends. We feel that childbirth classes are a starting point to a lifelong journey of education as parents. More than just a useful source of evidence based information, they provide a source of inspiration, relaxation, learning, discovery and support.

Recent studies in medical literature have upheld the benefits of childbirth education.

    • Learn how to make pregnancy more comfortable.
    • Get answers to common questions and information about concerns.
    • Learn about prenatal development.
    • Learn about danger signals in pregnancy.
    • Learn about pregnancy and how your life is affected.
    • Learn about premature labor and how to prevent it.
    • Learn how to involve your family in your pregnancy and birth.
    • Learn good communication skills and birth plans.
    • Learn how to tell if this is labor.
    • Learn about support options (doulas, montrices, etc.).
    • Learn what to expect during labor and birth. Learn about pain relief options.
    • Learn infant stimulation and development techniques.
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