Birthing From Within

 Birthing From Within

birthing from within class -  photo by Christin D'Esposito

Birthing From Within™ – Claiming you birth intentions!

In this class we will use multi sensory experiences to explore how labor works, what labor looks like, comfort measures and positions for labor, pain coping practices and the instinctual aspects of the birthing process while processing the emotional journey. This course is based on Birthing From Within philosophy. Parents will learn through interactive and creative participation, in a spirit of fun and curiosity.

Participants will explore:

  •  Assumptions about pain
  • Learn and practice pain-coping techniques
  • Transforming your fears to birth in awareness
  • Honoring childbirth as a profound Rite of Passage
  • Develop and strengthen communication, trust and confidence during labor and beyond
  • Expectations of labor and birth
  • Role of Partner and Birth Companions
  • How to get practical information and make conscious decisions
  • Using your imagination in considering a range of possibilities about labor and birth
  • The physical and emotional process of labor and birth
  • Postpartum Recovery
  • Welcoming your baby and bonding as a family.

“I loved BFW for its intimate and safe setting. It was a great place for my husband and I to share our thoughts, fears, and questions about childbirth. I loved the fact that it didn’t teach a particular method, but rather helped us to learn about our own coping skills, and learn how to tap into that strength during labor. During labor and my baby’s birth I relied on many of the techniques that we had practiced in class.  I was grateful that we had learned so much about the labor process in BFW, because during times that labor was particularly challenging, I knew what was happening to my body, and was calmed by that knowledge. Thanks to BFW, we were also able to establish a birth plan that we were both comfortable with. I know that the class also helped to empower my husband and find his roll in the birthing process.”

Birthing From Within“This course helped us build our own unique coping style as a couple and feel confident we could respond to our birth with joy–no matter what the challenges.”– Crystal

“Because of Christine’s Birthing From Within class, my husband and I had all of the tools to make the birth of our first child an amazing experience! The classes were so small and intimate that we were able to get all of our questions answered, while at the same time getting to know other couples who were going through the same things. What we loved the most, is that Christine doesn’t only tell you about the childbirth experience, she shows you ways of coping with pain and gives you and your partner a chance to practice different techniques and to express your thoughts and fears through birth art. Taking Christine’s Birthing From Within class was one of the best decisions we have ever made.”

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