Mother Tree Baby Care

Mother Tree Baby Care

Discover the amazing talents of your newborn along with the secrets to baby care in our new Mother Tree Baby Care class.

This integrative class provides answers to your questions on how to nurture your baby in the first few months. How do I breastfeed, bath and burp my baby? What sling should I use? Is it ok to use pacifiers? Do we co-sleep? Will I ever get the baby out of our bed if we do?

Come for an informative overview of how to become an amazing parent. Learn the tools that are specific to help better understand your baby’s unique needs.

This Class Will Guide You To:

  • Better understand your options prenatally (including how to select a pediatrician)
  • Overview breastfeeding skills
  • Guide you to understand your baby’s cues
  • Prepare for newborn care – including eating patterns, burping postions, diapering, dressing, bathing, soothing and having fun with your newborn!
  • Provide a satisfying, balanced life postpartum- for Mama, partner, AND baby!

This class is student-driven in structure. In addition to the general structure of a Baby Basics class, we address the needs of all diverse family structures and the flow of class will be dictated according to those needs.

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