Student Programs

Intern Birth Doula Support Package:

For families who have a combined annual income of $20,000 – $30,000 and can afford to pay **$500, we are offering an intern birth doula support package.

The intern package works like this:

  1. Interview with an intern & her mentor, who is a certified professional doula with Mother Tree.
  2. If the intern is hired, she will come to client’s home to do 2 prenatal visits. The mentor will come to 1 prenatal visit.
  3. The intern will go on call for 24/7 from when client is 38 weeks pregnant through 42 weeks.  The intern will be there to support you throughout your labor through the first few hours after baby has been born. The intern will stay and support client through the whole labor- if it is a natural birth, induction, if there is use of pain medication, or a cesarean. Our interns are non-judgmental advocates for their clients. The intern will support laboring mama emotionally and offer pain coping techniques and support with positioning during labor. The mentor will be available to support mama and the intern via telephone during labor and birth.
  4. Mother Tree offers childbirth seminar classes on the weekends that focus on specific coping skills for laboring mamas: Natural Pain Coping Techniques: Comfort Massage, Natural Pain Coping Techniques: Comfort Positions, Natural Pain Coping Techniques: Breathing and Relaxation,  Natural Pain Coping Techniques: Focusing and Relaxation. The client is able to take 2 complementary classes & 2 classes at a 50% discount. For more information on our classes, click here.
  5. The intern will come to client’s home for 2 postpartum visits, generally lasting 2 hours each, when the family is home from the hospital. The mentor will join the intern during one of the postpartum home visits.

 Volunteer Student Birth Doula Support Package:

For families who have a combined annual income of less than $20,000; single mamas, students on financial aid/low income, families experiencing unemployment, teen mamas with no support networks, or families referred to Mother Tree Birth Services by their Community Health Nurse or Social worker, we offer the volunteer birth support of a student doula. The student doula offers 2 prenatal visits, 24/7 on call support surrounding the estimated due date from 38 weeks through 42 weeks pregnancy, the intern will provide non-judgmental advocacy, support her client with informed decision making, physical and emotional support in labor, and 2 in-home postpartum visits.

**Mother Tree is committed to helping every woman find a doula to support her needs.  Mother Tree never wants financial worries to stop a woman from hiring a doula.  If you cannot afford the above suggested fee, we can offer a sliding fee scale and/ or payment plan. Contact our doula coordinator, Mary Logan, for more information and support.

For more information contact us: 503-343-9911

Thank you – we look forward to hearing from you!