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Birth Doula Internship/Mentorship

Fee: $2500 (payment plan available)
Prerequisites: Birth Doula Training
Course Description: The doula profession is growing up! With increased opportunities to work in hospital staff positions, receive insurance reimbursement and participate in a growing market of private doula care — you need the gold standard of education and training. Mother Tree’s internship is unique and the only opportunity in the country where student doulas will gain the opportunity to work  with active professional private doula practices, hospital-based doula programs and gain the skills, professionalism and confidence to create a thriving doula practice all your own.

Our six-month intensive internship will help you generate a vibrant, professional practice. More than just readying you for certification you will learn everything you need to be a leader in the birth community along with the practical skills of running your own business. Pairing you with a professional doula mentor you will have the opportunity to observe births, and lead births as a intern through our referral network. Learning circles twice a month prepare you for every aspect of running your own doula practice.



Spring (January through June) 

Open applications: Accepted until Dec. 1

STEP 1: COMPLETE INTERN APPLICATION Internship Application (download now!)

STEP 2: ATTEND our Doula  Internship Introduction Night (mandatory meet and greet).

  • Doula Learning Circles 1st & 3rd Weeknight (TBD)  6- 9 pm (provides built-in backup)  36 hours of curriculum
  • 6 – month commitment to providing doula support to the Gateway Doula Project (a few 12 hr shifts per month)
  • 1-2 private “student birth” clients per month (the program helps to match)
  • Online learning forum for creating of protocols and business documents/handouts
  • Keynote panel nights with professional doulas, expert community speakers
  • 2 mentor doulas providing you round-the-clock suppport
  • Observations of professional doulas in interview, prental, birth & postpartum
  • Observations of prenatal classes with expectant parents when available
  • You will be certification-ready if you complete all components
  • Certificate of completion & recommendation to your future endeavors


Learning topics include (subject to change):

  • Running a professional doula practice
  • Professionalism training for working in a team-based environment with providers
  • Cultural competency
  • Structure of prenatal and postpartum visits
  • Understanding the biodynamics of birth
  • Pain Coping Techniques and Comfort Massage (applied skills)
  • Advocating for a client/Interacting with hospital staff
  • Healing the birth story
  • Clearing the space for birth & Emotional Counseling
  • Supporting induction, epidural and hi-risk birth
  • Supporting Unexpected Outcomes: traumatic birth, prematurity, stillbirth
  • Supporting Optimal Fetal Positioning
  • Using your intuition
  • Breastfeeding Counseling
  • Birth Recovery

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