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Birth Doula Internship/Mentorship

2018 Mandatory Internship Orienration Night. Nov 30th Sign up NOW! 

Fee: $2200 (payment plan available)
Prerequisites: Birth Doula Training
Course Description: The doula profession is growing up! With increased opportunities to work in hospital staff positions, receive insurance reimbursement and participate in a growing market of private doula care — you need the gold standard of education and training. Mother Tree’s internship is unique and the only opportunity in the country where student doulas will gain the opportunity to work  with active professional private doula practices, hospital-based doula programs and gain the skills, professionalism and confidence to create a thriving doula practice all your own.

Our six-month intensive internship will help you generate a vibrant, professional practice. More than just readying you for certification you will learn everything you need to be a leader in the birth community along with the practical skills of running your own business. Pairing you with a professional doula mentor you will have the opportunity to observe births, and lead births as a intern through our referral network. Learning circles twice a month prepare you for every aspect of running your own doula practice.



Spring (January through June) 

Open applications: Accepted until Dec. 1


STEP 2: ATTEND our Doula  Internship Introduction Night (mandatory meet and greet).

  • Full Advanced Training Intro Day
  • Doula Learning Circles WEEKLY  THURSDAYS 6- 9:30 pm (provides built-in backup)  240 hours of curriculum
  • BiMonthly 1-1 Mentorship Call/Video Chat
  • Monthly Birth Junkie Night (hands-on skills such as hospital skills/tour, bellycasting, movie night, birth bag tools)
  • 6 – month commitment to providing doula support to the Gateway Doula Project (a few 12 hr shifts per month)
  • 1-2 private “student birth” clients per month (the program helps to match)
  • Online learning forum for creating of protocols and business documents/handouts
  • Keynote panel nights with professional doulas, expert community speakers
  • 2 mentor doulas providing you round-the-clock suppport
  • Observations of professional doulas in interview, prental, birth & postpartum
  • Observations of prenatal classes with expectant parents when available
  • You will be certification-ready if you complete all components
  • Certificate of completion & recommendation to your future endeavors
  • 50% off Postpartum Doula Training


Learning topics include (subject to change):

  • Running a professional doula practice
  • Professionalism training for working in a team-based environment with providers
  • Cultural competency
  • Collaborative Team Care
  • Structure of prenatal and postpartum visits
  • Understanding the biodynamics of birth
  • Pain Coping Techniques and Comfort Massage (applied skills)
  • Advocating for a client/Interacting with hospital staff
  • Healing the birth story
  • Clearing the space for birth & Emotional Counseling
  • Supporting induction, epidural and hi-risk birth
  • Supporting Unexpected Outcomes: traumatic birth, prematurity, stillbirth
  • Supporting Optimal Fetal Positioning
  • Using your intuition
  • Breastfeeding Counseling
  • Birth Recovery

Mother Tree International ~ DONA International Approved
“My goals were exceeded. I gained skills as a doula that I couldn’t have learned out on my own. I experienced the amazing doula community and learned how valuable it is.” 

“They were met by me taking my first clients, witnessing my first births, and beginning to build my still developing practice. I feel very blessed to have had such wonderful mentors, who look time, had patience, and were always encouraging.”

“Absolutely an amazing program and I keep wondering how Jesse could train up seasoned doulas to run one in their own areas so that other doulas outside of Portland have such a great way to gain deep knowledge and provide better services to clients. Thank you so much for everything. The time, knowledge and experience has been life changing and valuable beyond words. “


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Some of our Graduates Successes:

  • Hired by Doula Love
  • Founded Brave Birth Services who continue to partner with  graduates
  • Founded Birthing Stone who continue to partner with  graduates
  • Accepted to Yale Midwifery School
  • Accepted to Oregon Health Sciences Univsersity Midwifery Progam
  • Hired on at as full time staff doula at Providence Women’s Clinic
  • Accepted to Birthingway College of Midwifery
  • Dozens of personal practices founded.

Mother Tree Birth Doula Internship Application

Please submit your Application by December 1st. Birth Doula Training a pre-requisite requirement. For more information contact jesse@mothertreebirth.comn
  • Birth Doula Training is a pre-requisite of this internship application
  • Please list any and all relevant professional experience (non-birth related is great! Your prior job history, schooling, life experiences all count!)
  • Please Check that you have read and understood the following Overview Requirements

    Commitment of Participation (for completion) 1. Supported 6 or more births over the course of the internship. 2. Showed availability for back-up to at least one doula if needed (form attached) 3. Observations of 1 prenatal, birth, postpartum and interview with mentor (form attached) 4. Written your protocols for business, birth, postpartum and community 5. Complete assigned community outreach (distribute flyers, community talks, events, etc) 6. Complete monthly volunteer assignments/hours 7. Created a name for your practice with mission statement and philosophy 8. Fulfilled all reading assignments 9. Attended all learning circles (unless sick or at a birth) 10. Completed a Summary Binder with all of your protocols and birth observations with a statement of learning at the end. 11. Attend as as observer at least two Mother Tree Seminar or class 12. Complete as a full participant the final project to be presented at graduation 13. Completed your Internship Evaluation at the end of the course. 14. All financial obligations for the course fee must be paid in full by last learning circle meeting.
    Communications Expectations during internship: • Respond to birth inquiries with a yes/no within 24 hours • Arrive on-time to all functions (unless you’ve communicated otherwise in advance) • Return urgent request phone calls within 2 hours • Participate in all learning circle doula functions with respect, compassion and mutual effort to support and nourish the community growth. • Will follow the DONA Code of Ethics and Standard of Practice • Limit personal issues to outside of learning circle time. Mentor Communications: • Communicate often with your mentor soliciting her advice when needed • Commit to and keep all appointments that are related to your observations (this is her only way to evaluate your growth, progress and professionalism) • Be on time, if not early. As one corporate slogan says: early is on time, on time is late and late is your fired. This is a good motto to entrain yourselves as a student to build and keep your clients trust. When this doesn’t occur, keep in good communication. • Respond promptly to her communications with you. • Make yourself available to as many of her offers of observations as possible. There is no guarantee another chance will come along. • Respect boundaries and guidance set for all observations with her clients
    Please Click ALL sections.
    Other Issues: This is a mutual agreement between Mother Tree and the selected intern. If the intern at any time is unable to complete the above requirements or needs to withdraw from the program after 30 days from the program start, full tuition is still due but may be eligible for deferred credit. At anytime if an intern displays behavior that obstructs or breaks the DONA code of ethics, standards of practice or the above Intern Agreement, the intern may forfeit right to completion of the program after a panel review of at least three mentor doulas. Financial Commitment: Internship Payment: Total is $2,200. $200 Deposit. Monthly payment of $333 is an option with valid credit card on file.
  • Please upload a head shot photo for your internship badge
  • Price: $25.00
    Please REGISTER for INTRO night or paypal $25.00 to with your full name in the memo or call with a valid credit card to 503-407-4732 or mail a check to: Mother Tree 14146 SE Holgate Blvd Portland OR 97236
    Please Register to the Orientation Night. $25.00 application fee is accepted upon registration.