Doula Intro : Roots

Doulas of North AmericaDoula Training – “Roots”

So You Want to Be A Doula
 $65.00 ($50 credit towards your DONA-Training with Mother Tree valid for one year)
Prerequisites: none

Course Description: Join us around the Mother Tree! Has a seed of passion for birth been discovered inside you? Let us help you plant it. Meet professional doulas in this hands-on session to explore the reality of being a doula plus steps you can take to making the career change. Get answers to some of the common beginning questions. We’ll help you jump start your plans to becoming a doula.

* Is the on-call life for me?
* What are the challenges of being a doula?
* What are the joys of being a doula?
* How do I get started? How do I get experience?
* How do you manage the rest of your life if you are going to birth?
* How many births can you do a month?
* How much will I make?
* What about my kids? My partner?

This session includes counseling to identify your personal plan of action.

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