Our Philosophy

Mother Tree Doula Services, Portland ORWe believe the birth of a new Life is a continuation of other lives, and is part of an intricately woven web of relationships that builds the family tree. The Mother Tree, it’s roots grounded in the Earth and branches embracing the Heavens, illustrates every woman’s ability to connect with her own Mother Nature in participating in the cycle of life.

The creation of a life is not an isolated event, but is a manifestation of a series of interrelated lives and beings. As such, it is our role to honor each birth experience as part of the connectedness of all life. We assist families with the opportunity to create the love, joy and sacredness that is at the heart of each birth experience.

We recognize that women have the power to give birth and that it is the love of the couple that welcomed the baby to conception that will assist the baby’s loving welcome at birth. We approach our role as one to enhance the space of the couple by making you feel more at ease with the process through education, suggesting ways you can support each other throughout the birth process and providing the extra pair of hands so that your precious time together can be spent loving your new baby every step of the way!