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Creating Your Joyful Birth:

Birth is a tremendous life experience. It engages your physical, emotional and spiritual knowing and activates the deep and dormant seeds within each of us: woman to be born as mother, man to be born as father and spirit to be born as child. Like the powerful acorn, the seed of the possibility of a child generates a whole forest of new experiences.Here we will explore potential birth options to help you tend the essence growing within you.

“Becoming a parent is one of the most powerful and enlightening of all human experiences. It changes our lives forever, and it affects the lives of others. There are certain mysteries of life and love that can only be experienced through conceiving and having a baby. That is why parenting is such a gift. However, we do not suddenly become parents when we conceive or give birth. Parenting begins long before the baby is born, long before conception. The roots of how we feel and behave as parents go back to our own birth and childhood. They are based on beliefs both conscious and unconscious. We develop these beliefs firsthand from our own experience and secondhand from what others have said.” –Creating a Joyful Birth Experience, by Sandra Bardsley and Lucia Capacchione.

Choosing Your Sacred Nest: The Birth Place

Choosing your sacred birth place is one of the most important decisions you will make in your birth planning process. Careful consideration should be given to the environment, support system, and amenities that are important to you.

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“Because the more a mother is cared for the more easily she can care for her baby.” – Shivam Rachana