Your Birth Center Birth

Your Birth Center Birth

One of the safest alternatives to hospital birth is to give birth in a free-standing birth center. A birth center provides a comfortable, home-like setting paired with midwives and doctors who are committed to a midwifery-model of care offering gentle, non-invasive, consistent care tailored to each individual woman’s needs.

The National Birth Center Study produced in 1985-1987 results demonstrated that for basically healthy women with no prenatal complications birthing centers are a safe and economical alternative for childbirth. Birthing Center’s use few invasive, uncomfortable or restrictive procedures. Most offer measures to provide comfort and support for women in labor. The midwives who attended the women in labor and birth also provided prenatal care throughout their pregnancies.

Reasons To Choose A Birth Center:

  • Birth Centers provide the best of the home birth and hospital birth experience and integrates them in a professional safe environment, while tending to a woman’s physical and emotional needs.
  • Birth is treated as a natural process, not something that needs to be “managed”
  • Provides a comfortable, safe environment when home birth is not an option
  • Birth Centers offer a shorter stay away from home, while offering continuous, personalized care

Because the more a mother is cared for the more easily she can care for her baby.”
– Shivam Rachana

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Recommended Reading:
Gentle Birth Choices by Barbara Harper, R.N.

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