Your Hospital Birth

Your Hospital Birth

Most women who decide to have their babies in the hospital primarily because they are convinced it is the safest place. They want to be sure that all the skills and equipment of modern obstetrics are at hand for their babies sake. A hospital environment offers pharmaceutical pain management and options for speeding up labor or help with delivery. The staff is trained to cope with any possible emergencies that may arise.

Certified Nurse Midwifery Care is becoming more available in hospitals and offers women assistance by a CNM’s specific training to support normal pregnancy, normal birth and normal postpartum. Doulas (link to our Doula Services page) also are specifically trained to provide continuous emotional, physical comfort measures and an objective viewpoint and assistance in getting the information in you need to make good decisions throughout the pregnancy, birth and postpartum. No matter what type of hospital you choose, be sure to tour the hospital and ask about their specific policies before you make a decision.

Reasons To Choose A Hospital:

  • A hospital may provide a woman more security in the knowledge that they are in the hands of a team that are specially trained to cope with any possible emergencies.
  • Women may have medical reasons for needing hospital care during their pregnancy such as diabetes, heart or kidney conditions.
  • Women may have an already established relationship with an obstetrician or midwife they trust.
  • A doctor or hospital subscribes to your philosophy of birth

Because the more a mother is cared for the more easily she can care for her baby.”
– Shivam Rachana

More information about hospitals in Oregon:
Legacy Health Systems:
OHSU Primary Care Nursing Faculty Practice
503 418-4500
Women’s Healthcare Associates
9555 SW Barnes Rd., Suite 100
Portland, OR 97225
503-292-3577 ph
Providence Health

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